Friday, December 3, 2010

Make a Little Money

One of MLS' top players from 2010, Omar Cummings has been receiving a lot of interest outside of the States lately. However, it looks like Colorado will not sell the Jamaican who had a break out season for the Rapids scoring 14 goals. I, however, believe this to be a bad move on the Rapids part. Yes, you want to keep your top goal but that is the reason you acquired Mac Kandji late last season and still boast having Conor Casey (whom like always is rumored to be wanting out of Colorado). Too many MLS teams wait for a player to run down their contract and not resign instead of selling them on and using the profits to re-invest. I know there are rules in place in MLS to reward teams each year financially, however, if MLS wants to be a major league they need to use similar business practices as the rest of the world. Cummings could fetch around $1 million and with those funds the team could build on their accomplishments in 2010, or use that money on their academy or even marketing the team. There seems to be some naivety with MLS teams that a player will resign for the peanuts they make in the league. Players such as:
Jonathon Bornstein
Eddie Johnson- Though he hasn't settled in Europe Johnson was a highly paid MLS player who was beginning to find his feet again in the league. In 130 matches Johnson scored 46 goals.
Robbie Findley
Yura Movsisyan
Clarence Goodson
Hunter Freeman

There are many more who have left on a free. I know many will say those players haven't accomplished much in MLS or for their other teams. But the point is teams could have gotten something out of each of these players, and with the inflated price of players these days each one could have fetched $100k-$250k at the least. MLS executives need to be pro-active with their wheeling and dealings; not like Mo Johnstons' ridiculous turn over of 75 players. If the money's there MLS needs to take it.

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