Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog update!!!

It has been a while between blogs, but that is because I'm currently in a transcontinental house/job move. I've gone from Budapest, Hungary to Wolverhampton, England in the past week; where I've had little to no internet at my in-laws. Tomorrow I will be making an 18 hour flight from England to my hometown of Springfield, Missouri, USA for a short vacation (I know it's not a place you think of for a holiday). Three weeks later I will be on my way (back) to Seoul, South Korea where I will begin work for a third time there; as well as get back to playing some amateur footy. So, if you are a regular visitor of the blog please bear with me as blog posts will be few and far between during this time.

Also, thank you for reading. I started this as something to pass the time in my spare time and I've very much enjoyed it.


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