Saturday, March 19, 2011

Growing Media Interest

As some may know from reading my blog I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. This week I found it very interesting and very telling of where MLS is as a league by two articles written in the Korean Herald (The top English language newspaper here). The first article was a piece written about the Cascadia Derby and the three MLS teams from the region. It focused on Seattle and the way they've helped to influence the league. Today, there is an article that was picked up from a South Carolina newspaper about the return of Charlie Davies and his shot at redemption in football.

Being on the other side of the world it's interesting to note MLS getting some print space as this newspaper could write about any of the European leagues in which Korean players play. It can also write about the Korean K-League or the high quality Japan J-League. This shows just where MLS is right now, and in my opinion David Beckham is not needed for this publicity; just good football and good supporters.

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