Friday, March 18, 2011

MLS continues to frustrate me

I know I bitch alot about the MLS, but I feel there's so much they can do to make the league better. Today, my problem is with and MLS's inability to allow people like myself who are outside of North America to subscribe to in order to watch MLS matches. In 2007, when I first moved abroad was able to get the Direct Kick subscription via MLS's website. However, since then they have not allowed subscriptions outside of the US, atleast in the countries I've lived in. I understand if they have a deal in place with TV networks in other countries. However, during my time living in South Korea, England and South Korea again there (to my knowledge) is no deal in place to show the games on TV. I do, however, pick up the games on illegal feeds. Wouldn't it be in MLS's best interest to take my money for a subscription rather than having people like myself watch the game illegally? There are plenty of people abroad both American and non-Americans who would subscribe.

Though I am not able to watch any games in England or South Korea, though this past season's MLS Cup final was carried on Sky in England I believe, I was able to watch one game a week while I lived in Budapest, Hungary last summer and fall. Unfortunately, the deal must have been made on the back of David Beckham's signing to MLS; as LA Galaxy were typically the featured team.

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