Monday, April 4, 2011

MLS officiating still ridiculous

Colorado Rapids hammered a depleted DC United on Sunday 4-1. However, this result could have been much different if referee Elias Basakos would have sent a deserving player off. Too often in MLS the referee is too quick to pull out a red card, however, in this instance Mr. Basakos was wrong not to show a red. If he would have I don't see this having ended in a 4-1 scoreline. The incident happened 15 minutes into the match when Colorado's Conor Casey wildly flew into a 50/50 challenge studs up. Casey caught DC's Daniel Woolard square in the shin/calf area just below the inside of the knee. Woolard's lucky not to have had his leg broken as many players have in this instance.

Casey got off lightly and was only shown a yellow card. I can't believe how bad some of the officiating has been this season with red cards given for non-offences and a referee misses a blantant red card offence. If Casey was red carded DC may have been able to get the upper hand in this match. However, Colorado looked great and Caleb Folan looks like a good signing. The difference between Colorado and Sporting KC is that Colorado not only has a great attack, but they have the midfield and defence to go with it.

Conor Casey would go off in this match with an injury, possibly a thigh strain. He did look quite unfit prior to going off. He looks to be carrying some extra weight, though he has always been a big guy, he looks 5-10 pounds over weight.

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