Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New England Pick Up Option on Feilhaber

News has just come out that New England has picked up the allocation rights to Benny Feilhaber. Now it is up to them to sign the player or trade him for other options. I wouldn't be surprised either way. By signing him they add quality to the midfield. The Revolution is notoriously cheap and should have plenty of cap space. On the other hand they may trade away Feilhaber for some attacking options. I'm not sure what team would be interested in moving two or three players to New England for Feilhaber. I would assume New England is where he'll stay.

Sporting KC does have the attacking options to trade, but do they really need Feilhaber at this moment? I think not. Houston could likely trade for him, but they don't have much talent to move in the other direction. DC United does have the likes of Santino Quaranta, Steven King or even Branko Boskovic who could be deemed as excess to needs. On paper DC United seems to have the most pieces to move for Feilhaber. But again this would seem unlikely with the off-season signing of Dax McCarty and both teams being rivals in the Eastern Conference. No other team seems to have the pieces to add Feilhaber to its roster.

If he does sign with the Revs I am not sure this make the Revs that much better. Yes, they have a good defence and their midfield was already adequate; but they don't of goal scorers. As I wrote in an earlier post they have signed Rajko Lekic which should ease the teams goal scoring woes.

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