Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm sorry but when your home state team changes its name I have to bitch.

Like I said in my blog this week. I feel the name, Sporting KC, sets the team back. I feel many people will believe KC has a new team and the Wizards have gone bust. So many people are just the casual fan. It takes the name they've known for 16 yrs away and adds this to confuse the masses. As for it being regional I totally understand that. But that's a big region KC west to Colorado or KC east to Chicago before you find another MLS team. Nothing is to the north and you must go all the way to Dallas before you hit someone in the south. Not many people in that vast expanse care about KC soccer or soccer in general. Obviously Ongoal hasn't done a lot of homework as Nebraska is Cornhusker football crazy and Iowa is all about Hawkeye football. Arkansas is the same with football, baseball and basketball. Kansas University rules eastern Kansas and a lot of western Missouri. Those are the teams your competing against. Those pickup truck driving Bud Light drinking people don't care to watch men without pads on run around kicking a ball. If they do go to a match it's only to take their kids, because their kids play community league soccer; or they go to watch a friendly against Manchester United, because they've seen them on Sportscenter (I had a couple of friends who actually did this last summer). Ongoal has now set back the team in its own city by a year or two. The only positive I can think may have to do with signing players from other countries. Perhaps they could be more swayed if the team isn't called the Wizards. Though there is a Wizards in the NBA, who changed their name from the Bullets. Which was a much better name.
If you think about the name change and the fact KC possibly won't play a home match for three months to wait for their new stadium, I don't see how next season won't be a disaster. Even if they play neutral site home matches I can't see any of this working. On a sidenote, playing neutral site home games almost seems like the team is being auditioned to other cities to move there. What if Ongoal wanted to do something like the Dynamo/Earthquakes? I'm just putting the thought out there. I know the new stadium is almost finished, but crazier things have happened.
In closing, I just want to say I'm quite disappointed with the fans in KC. I've heard people bitch and moan, but never have I heard of anyone protesting this change; except on the internet. It seems everyone has just rolled over. It seems a lot of Wizards' fans are just casual fans. TFC and Seattle have supporter groups who didn't like something and they spoke against it, no matter how I feel about what they wanted I respect the fact they saw something they didn't like and spoke against it. Not in KC though.

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