Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sporting KC, come on

So, I've just read the "hard evidence" that Kansas City Wizards will become Sporting KC this week. Wow, that's fantastic. Now, as I've stated before I will no longer be supporting my home state team. I find it unbelievable when other fans just except the rebranding that is taking place. It seems to show that the American sports fan will just roll over and except anything or almost anything from the franchise's hierarchy.
TFC supporters, though they may not have made their demands clear, protested the rise in ticket prices for next season and got some result. Seattle Sounders FC supporters protested against the team playing (meaningless) friendlies at the end of the season prior to the playoffs and the club has taken on board what the supporters wanted. Seattle has fallen for the second year in the playoffs and perhaps it was from fatigue of playing too many friendlies (money makers) on the side. On a side note I find it funny that all MLS related podcasts and blogs denounced the Seattle supports for protesting and said it was great for the club to play Chivas Guadalarja or whoever late in the season and the supporters should be happy of the decisions the head brass make. They then stated Sounders FC would blow through the playoffs. In the end they were blown out of the playoffs. Looks like the fans know best especially when many MLS owners could careless about football and only look for another way to make money. Like scheduling midseason friendlies. Which I hate.
Back to the WIZARDS though, I feel so empty about this name change. Yes, Sporting KC is ambigious enough to still nickname the team Wizards. But the real damage I feel that will be done is many people who have atleast heard for the Wizards name will now think there's a new MLS team in town. Let us keep in mind the causual MLS fan and fan who barely stays on the radar of MLS will not realise the change. Especially those in Kansas City area. This is a major step back for the franchise in KC and if the franchise or anyone else thought KC could build off the friendly win over Manchester United then that is out the window. I feel the causual MLS/Wizards' fans' inability to regularly follow the team and league will hurt them with this name change. Those fans (which I'm friends with many) only pay attention to the table, highlights and the playoffs.
I truely feel Ongoal (KC's owners) have no clue what the fans want/need. I would like to see, just like in Seattle, a supports group with a vote and say in the happenings of the Franchise.
Also, keep in mind I say franchise, because MLS is making the league in to something between the NBA/NFL/WWE.

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