Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simple look at the draft and Robbie Findley

A lot of flack seems to be directed towards one Robbie Findley at the moment. Portland drafted Findley in this year's expansion draft, though Findley who is out of contract with MLS, will most likely have a trial with unnamed European or Mexican clubs. First, it seems a lot of Timbers', Whitecaps' supporters and MLS followers are confused about the tactics both teams took with the expansion draft. Both clubs have traded away picks and aquired international slots and cash. This shows that both teams aren't interested in the expendable players of MLS and are out to bring in their own players from their past season(s); or they are interested in bringing in non-MLS players. I think this is a great idea and shows that both teams are confident in many of their previous players. Holding on to a core of these players will allow the team to settle into the league quicker. I also believe the gap between MLS and division 2 isn't as great as others believe. Many ex-MLS players must go to D2 when they don't make it in MLS. This actually shows the massive divide between college and professional soccer. Hopefully, with the reserve leage returning it will allow those college players to not be discarded as quickly as they have been before.
Robbie Findly was Portland's 6th pick in the draft with the club knowing full well it was a wasted pick. Again this was on purpose as they didn't have to worry about trading him or signing him. It was almost a bye in the draft round. Findley has been getting massively ripped to shreds by Timbers' and MLS followers following this draft. Findley can be quite inconsistent and may have had a down year this past season. However, Findley has still scored 31 goals in 100 MLS matches (one goal every three matches) which is a fantastic rate in MLS where quality strikers are hard to come by. Findley currently isn't the answer for the national team, but he has been a very good MLS striker; and he brings much more than goal scoring to the team. Findley is rumored to be having a trial with Randers FC in Denmark, where his former RSL teammate Yura Movsisyan plays. Movsisyan currently has five goals this season and is near the top of the scoring charts in a very competitive Danish League. With better coaching Findley, just like Movsisyan, can become a better striker and better national team player. Findley will only grow as a player by moving abroad.

Findley 31 goals in 100 MLS matches, here's how a few other MLS strikers stack up with him:

Alan Gordan 17 goals in 108 appearances
Alejandro Moreno 46 goals in 244 appearances
Carlos Ruiz 90 goals in 164 appearances
Edson 90 goals in 231 appearances
Chad Barrett 33 goals in 147 appearances
Conor Casey 42 goals in 89 appearances
Chris Wondolowski 25 goals in 81 appearances (21 goals this season and winning the Golden Boot, before he'd only scored four goals in four seasons)

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