Monday, January 10, 2011

Going Abroad

It is seemingly common that MLS fans are denouncing former MLS players or US players playing in Europe, when they join certain teams or play in certain leagues. Today's rumor is Edson Buddle could sign with Inglostadt in Germany's second division, the same team Freddy Adu has signed for. I've read a lot about how inferior the Bundesliga 2 is to MLS and how bad Inglostadt are. But MLS players hit a ceiling with the current salary cap, and I'm sure LA Galaxy are willing to let one of their top scorers leave for Europe rather than let him go to another MLS team. With the limit mobility and money available for American players, they aren't going to stick around playing for contracts that are under their value. But it's not just about the money. People forget soccer players are human and many want to try themselves against what could be considered better players. Buddle will find better players here and there in Germany's second division week after week.

Inglostadt may go down, and this could be a win-win situation for Buddle. If he plays and scores goals to keep Inglostadt up he may earn himself a move to a better club. If Inglostadt go down he'll be able to move again as they won't be able to pay Buddle's wages.

Many pods and blogs also seem to have an inflated view of US and MLS players. I've recently heard an arguement that Benny Felihaber must change clubs, because he's too good for his current club AGF Aarhus. If Felihaber is too good for that club then why couldn't he catch on in Germany (Hamburger) or England (Derby) during his stints there? What you're saying is he's better than Denmark's second tier, but not good enough for the top flight in England and Germany. So, may be he's suited for Germany's second division; where Buddle may soon ply his trade.

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