Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spurs About to Make a Terrible Mistake

Tottenham Hotspur is about about to make a bold loan signing by bringing in LA Galaxy's David Beckham on loan. This story has already been beaten to death, and if you watch Sky News or Sky Sports you're probably extremely tired of it. But what isn't being spoken about by most pundits is the ridiculousness of this signing.

Spurs have been a fantastic team this season and are one team most people want to watch due to their exciting football. They have a solid team that needs re-enforcement to allow them to push on to the end of the season in both the Premier League and the Champions League; not to mention they begin FA Cup play this weekend.

Spurs' glaring holes are at the back where they have had a difficult time keeping centre backs healthy since Harry Redknapp took over the North London club. After that, Spurs could use more help up top with the likely move of Robbie Keane and Rafael Van Der Vaart can't keep scoring all the goals.

There are plenty of quality players at Spurs already who cannot get a game. The signing of Beckham is baffling as he will be, possibly, the eight best midfielder at the club. Spurs currently have the likes of David Bentley (the supposed "next" Beckham), Jermaine Jenas, Nico Kranjcar, Jamie O'Hara, Giovani Dos Santos and Sandro all unable to get suitable playing time. Though, several may see FA Cup action this weekend and rumors are Bentley could be on his way out on loan. However, Newcastle who was attempting to sign Bentley has gone a different direction and added Birmingham's Sebastion Larsson.

The clear advantage of signing Beckham will be marketing. There won't be enough Beckham Spurs shirts to go around. This move also allows Spurs to finally market themselves to the farthest reaches of the world as it did with Manchester United and Real Madrid, and most recently LA Galaxy (at least people know who they are now). There are rumors that this move could also help Spurs with their new stadium plans or help them move to the London Olympic stadium that is currently being built.

There's no doubt Beckham's legs are gone. He can still play at MLS level, but there's not a chance he can play 90 minutes at the Premier League level. A lot of people talk about Beckham going on loan and never seeming to play a full season for LA Galaxy. But what they don't say or speculate on is that Beckham is unhappy in LA and realized after signing with LA that he'd made a mistake.

If you cast your mind back to January 2007, Beckham was on the outside of the Real Madrid first team. He'd been told his Madrid career was over. He then signed with LA Galaxy only a few weeks later to make a surprise return to the Madrid first team. Beckham would then play a vital part in Madrid overhauling Barcelona to win La Liga and have Madrid beg him to stay. That is when Beckham realized he'd made a terrible mistake.

Since then Beckham has tried his best to help LA Galaxy in MLS while not truly having his heart in it. He gets a third loan spell now, though, at the moment shorter than the last two. Come March if Spus continue to soar in league and Europe will he be back to MLS before the summer begins.

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