Friday, January 21, 2011

Wait a sec...

I had a thought this morning and I hope someone can explain to me the answer, but why wasn't Edson Buddle included in the MLS re-entry draft in Nov?

No one has even mentioned this and in fact no one knew he was out of contract until this month when he signed with Germany's Inglostadt. I know MLS has a lot of contract rules and other stipulation that regulate contracts in the league. I'm assuming he was allowed to be omitted from the draft, because he has been in the league for over five years. Please correct me if I am wrong. With all the drafts and comings and goings in the league I've just now thought of this and wondered if there was any clarification out there.

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  1. As long as Los Angeles offered him a contract at his previous salary, he would not go into the re-entry draft.