Monday, May 16, 2011

Baldo, really?

Just wanted to say how impressed I was that Baldomero Toledo didn't give a red card in the LA Galaxy v. Sporting KC match this past weekend. I was a little worried when KC's Roger Espinoza karate kicked David Beckham in the box (the 18-yard box that is) that we'd see a red; but to his credit Toledo gave a penalty and the game resumed with two full sides.

Other than that moment there really wasn't any altercations that could have provoked the man with the red right hand. Props to Toledo or to MLS for telling him to stop influencing matches.

On a similar thought, I being the Europhile that I am and lover of the German Bundesliga (the highest attended league in the world), I caught the Hoffenheim v. Wolfsburg match on Saturday. Wolfsburg needed three points to be sure of preserving their top-flight statis for next season. Late in the match the referee for the contest used great judgement in not giving a yellow or red card to Mario Mandzukic following his winning goal that kept Wolfsburg in the division for next season. Following the goal Mandzukic proceed to run to the Wolfsburg supporters and partially climb the fencing to celebrate with the fans. A great display on the final day of the season. MLS refs should take notes from the Bundesliga, and in general MLS needs to take notes from the Bundesliga regarding fan and club interaction and support.

*** I've been to a several matches across Europe, and without a doubt the best atmosphere, price and fan friendly clubs and stadia I've been to is in Germany. Even the picture on our main page comes for Bundesliga 2's side Dusseldorf's ultra modern stadia where you'll get plenty of German punk rock and lovely Dusseldorf Altbier to go with your footy.***

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