Monday, May 2, 2011

Be original

There two things that have begun to bother me about MLS announcers. Yes, I bitch a lot but isn't that what blogs are for? The first is the influx of British announcers to MLS. Sporting KC has Callum Williams, Robbie Earle has joined Portland (though I quite like his work), Adrian Healey has taken over on ESPN and there are others from the British isles that grace the league with their voices. Being that I love the English game, have lived in England and have an English wife I do greatly enjoy the British announcers. On the other hand I am against the constant outsourcing of soccer that America and MLS does. I know there are some terrible USA soccer announcers like Rob Stone and Christian Miles and analysts in such as the idiot Alexi Lalas and most of the people who work for Fox Soccer; but instead of outsourcing these positions why not try and find the next JP Dellacamera who is the best America has to offer. Perhaps MLS or the clubs could send some of the rising announcers to England to learn from the English announcers. A study abroad if you will.

The second thing that is bothering me is's frequent use of the word golazo. Yes, I get the meaning and I understand where it came from, but come on guys find your own catch phrases. I find MLS to be very good a using other countries' catch phrases and even team names (Chivas USA, Real Salt Lake), and I'd love to see something more original. Starting with the removal of this damn catch phrase.

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